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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Opportunities Through Resources

So today, Wednesday, I have the great honor of interviewing with Kohl's for a position in Product Development. I was able to get this interview through the support of the management team from my Kohl's Store Management Internship, which I got as a result of attending the UofM Career and Internship Fair last fall. Basically what I am trying to get at is that landing a job after college is part of a process, and the College of Design definitely provides the resources for the initial stages of that process; they do this by equipping you with interviewing skills, through the help of the people at Career Services, or by exposing you to potential employers through the Career and Internship Fairs they host each semester.

(A career fair set up. Photo Credit:

Through those resources I was able to land an internship this past summer, which then lead me to the opportunity I have today. An internship, a requirement for most employers, is also a requirement needed to complete the Retail Merchandising Program. Internships hold great value because they provide you with experience, connections, and skills that better enable you to attain a career in the future. In addition, my internship experience allowed me to see what I wanted out of a career and what I did not as well as what skills of mine excelled in the workplace and what skills I needed to work on. The experience overall was great and I was able to have it because of the help and resources provided through the College of Design.

Until Next Week!
Sasenka - Retail Merchandising