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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My New Job with CBS

It has been a busy and exciting week as I have just recently started my new job here on campus as an Office Assistant for the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) Student Services. Each College at the U of M has a student services team of office assistants like me, student services specialists, outreach coordinators, and of course, academic advisers. Like the College of Design, CBS is one of the smaller undergraduate schools at the U of M, so my position is fairly flexible I get the chance to interact with students and staff.

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Although my position within CBS Student Services isn't directly related to housing, I am gaining valuable professional experience in an office setting - which is a must in the application process for many jobs that I may apply to in the future. Front desk experience is a valuable skill to have mastered in a professional setting, they are often referred to by employers as the "directors of first impressions." My new position is also an on-campus job (St. Paul Campus), which is perfect for my busy schedule. After a few years at the U, I have come to learn that employment here on campus is a great option for full-time students who are trying to balance work, school, and social activities.