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Thursday, October 18, 2012

From The MGM to The UN!

No...not the MGM ion Las Vegas, or the United Nation's building in NY. I am talking about two local awesome buildings...Midtown Global Market and the United Noodle Grocery! Have you been to these places?
Not only are they some of Minneapolis's largest stores (after the M.O.A) but they both represent a rich cultural diversity the city has to offer. Sometimes in a large university we forget the larger context we live in. Leaving campus can seem like a serious journey, although its a short bike/drive/bus ride away. Lots of urban planners and landscape designers believe that it can be beneficial to live and work close to the same community. In some respects I agree. But I think it is also important to get out of your comfort zone go somewhere new and try something that seems really odd. The Landscape Design and Planning major allows you to go all over the city and do photo rich and diagrammatic assignments. It is a great way to branch out and have fun while your learning A LOT. Going to Midtown Global Market is really fun. It is located in the Powderhorn and Phillips neighborhoods in South Minneapolis. There is a lot of diversity here and the food and shops make that obvious.
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Here is a display of the dia de los muertos Calaveras, a skeleton like figure used in the tradition. A lot of different holidays and events are celebrated here. the Midtown Global Market has about 50 different merchants and restaurants, making it a great place to come grab a bit to eat, buy gifts, decorations, or groceries from all over the world. The United Noodle Grocery is so different. It is hidden behind a great stone entryway, behind a warehouse style building tucked into an industrial park. Its really a cool find. They have about a hundred different varieties of food, from Asia and Pacific Islands. The store is a remodeled storage facility, leaving large ceilings exposed and lofted shelves to be fulled with really diverse merchandise. The deli is so tasty too, and the lady behind the counter gave me free Chinese spare ribs and onions for free to taste when I went on my site visit.
I gotta give a shout out to the Urban Forestry and Hort. blog too. My friend Jon, also in LA planning, works over there and they do really cool things on campus! Read all about it here: The Urban Forestry & Horticulture Research Nursery blog on the UMN website for a great resource on community horticulture, tree knowledge and cool stories.

Until next week! take care and remember to sleep when you can!

Sarah S.
B.E.D in landscape planning