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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Write it Off

I am currently taking a class on professional writing; the class is a requirement and I am most certainly starting to see way. Written communication skills are greatly needed in almost every career field and I didn't think I realize this until I took this class. Believing that writing was mostly important in scholastic context, I thought that it would not play such a big of a role in my life once school was over; boy, was I wrong! I am finding out that writing is essential in almost every career field and the role that it plays is quite large.

For an assignment in my Professional Writing class, we were asked to interview two professionals, in a career field of interest, and ask them about the role of writing in their particular careers. I interviewed a business owner/design manager and a co-founder of a multimedia non-profit. After conducting the interviews I was shocked to hear about how large of role writing played in both careers; at minimum, writing was at least fifty percent of their workload. Whether writing e-mails to employees, preparing design briefs, making presentations, or writing policies, writing was continually taking place in both of their everyday work lives. After hearing this first hand from the professionals, and also from the interviews my classmates conducted and shared, I realized that writing was going to be a constant part of my life and career. Effective writing skills are expected in the workforce and play an essential role in almost every career.Photo 2771.jpg
(This is a snippet of the paper I wrote for the interviews I conducted)

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