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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wondering in Other Worlds

So my title seems a little pretentious even to me. But its how I have felt this past week. Some amazing opportunities have came into my life and I was able to experience many new places and types of people.
sucker lake blog 9.JPG vadnais forest blog 9.jpg
First I went on to my first Ecology of Managed Systems field trip to the Sucker and Vadnais Lake ecological system. These lakes are a part of an extremely critical habitat system that purifies drinking water for the entire city of St. Paul.
We studied the drivers that cause stress to the environment. They include the surrounding residential and throughway developments, Red and White Pine plantations and their "litter". Litter can include needles, leaves and bark containing excess nutrients that contribute to sedimentation of the lakes. Water quality can decrease rapidly from low levels of ground moisture, high levels of algae and diminished fish habitats. The field trip, although excessively early in the morning! Were awesome. I had never been to the suburban lakes system in St. Paul. It was well worth it and I can not wait for the next one.

The other extraordinary experience I had was to attend a Goldstein Museum fall fundraiser party in a Phillip Johnson house on Lake Minnetonka. Not only were the home and party exquisite, but the landscape and view of the lake were breath taking. The property extended 2 acres, cut down from the original 11 acre plot. The road leading up to the house was lined with an allee of trees and gave way to an open break in the trees. Every planting was perfect and spaced just perfectly.
e interior blog 9.jpg
exterior view of patio blog 9.jpg
I had a really fun night meeting people with substantial design influence and experience. Some University of MN students attended, but for the most part the guests were high rollers of the design, consulting and trades genre. It was a unique and extremely fun evening. Thanks to the Goldstein board members and hosts of the Davis-Winton-Nelson House.
Some upcoming events that you might want to check out or participate in:
(PARK)ing Day - "is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks."
Lecture "Rahul Mehrotra: Global Practices in Architecture" in 100. Rapson Hall. 6pm this Wednesday the 19th. remember that lectures are a great way to see your peers and prof's out of class and talk to them.
U of M Food Day!!!! Its going to be great with lots of good foods and people talking food and agriculture. Come through October 23rd and 24th.