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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whirl of a week!

So many landscape students know right now that our schedules get very hectic. With modeling and drawing classes, plus an ecology or horticulture class and lab time goes by like water in your hands! This week I had to needed to draw a section/plan/axon of the Vincent Hall courtyard. If you have never been ( as I had not!) go there and take a coffee or stretch break. It is a really cool sunken plaza that lays between Rapson hall and the Northrop Mall.

My drawing set was tough, technically I understand how to compose a hand drawing, but details! Yikes. Adding textures and vegetation is harder than I thought it would be. My shrubs ended up looking a bit cluttered, but i still am proud of how my drawing turned out! Gotta look on the bright side, it photographed really well, and she didn't collect the physical copy. As a landscaping student it's good to do a run-through of materials or textures before you put them on your final drawings! bricks, wood grain, shrubs versus trees all make a huge portion of the scenes we draw. Be careful with your choices, use sparingly, remain consistent and use trace to check out what it would look like if you took it to the next level. Nothing feels worse than spending 2 hours of concrete and brick shadows, then having someone say your effort looks cluttered!
So keeping my head above water is goal number 1 this upcoming week. I will be moving apartments, doing lots of sketching and trying to remember how to use the laser cutter, because its amazingly helpful!
Good luck out there and remember to breath and go outside of the studio once and a while.