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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

They call me the working man

W20-7a.jpegI'm working a lot this semester, at least compared to what I have done before. I haven't worked a large amount of hours during the school semester before, so it's definitely a nice lesson in time management and organization. I don't think I have talked about either of my jobs outside of this weekly blog, so I will take some time to do that now.

Most weeks this semester I am working about 30 hours a week. That didn't seem like much to me compared to hours I have worked during summer months before, but I quickly realized those hours take up a ton of time during the school week, especially when all 30 hours are crammed between 8 and 4:30. 30 hours of work between classes is a lot of time in which I cannot be doing homework between classes. I've had some late nights already and I am sure I'll have a lot more, but at least I am making money and learning! Anyways, onto a quick summary of my 2 jobs:

Job 1: Graphic Designer at CDes Student Services

Surprise! I don't just write the graphic design blogs (technically a third job), I work as a graphic designer for Student Services in 12 McNeal as well. I started shadowing Patrick Puckett, the previous designer in this position who was graduating, at the end of spring semester 2012. I make a lot of posters and materials for various events put on by Student Services such as Welcome Week, and College to Career events like Dirty Laundry and Design in 7. I also do a lot of content updates for the College of Design website.

Job 2: Usability Lab Assistant at the Office of Information Technology

I work in Walter Library assisting two usability consultants who conduct testing on websites and applications for clients. There is an entire awesome lab in the basement of Walter dedicated to usability testing complete with 1 way glass, eye-tracking monitors, and lots of other cool CIA-like stuff. You will likely take a field trip to the usability lab and do some testing on a website in Ange Wang's User Experience class later along in the graphic design program.

That's just a small taste of my two design-related jobs for the semester. I am learning a lot and will share my experiences as the semester goes on.

Sean M.
Graphic Design