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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Wonderful Mentoring Program

Hi Friends! So this time last year I was applying to the Mentoring Program offered through the College of Design. I remember being nervous and wondering if I'd get set up with a good mentor whose area of work really correlated with my career interests. Having requested a mentor whose work was either in design, business, or fashion, I got paired with a business owner, who worked in design management. I was thrilled!

My mentor taught and exposed me to many different aspects of professional career building. She showed me how to observe trends, fine-tune my resume and networking skills, and much more. I enjoyed the program so much last year, that I am applying for again! The program, being offered to juniors and seniors within the College of Design, is intended to help students grow and professionally develop before stepping out into the real world. Students are matched to mentors by their areas of study and career interests; they are then paired with working professionals whose field of work aligns with those interests.

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I am super excited to be part of the Mentoring Program again this year! It is such a great and unique opportunity. Not many students at the UofM get to say they had professionals, in their field of interest, helping and developing them before they entered the workforce; it's pretty awesome.

Well I will keep you all updated on how the program is going this year once I get paired!

Until next time!
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