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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Senior Fashion Show Line

Hello readers! I hope everyone is easing into the school year, and colder weather, as smoothly as possible! This is the most difficult time of year, I think, because its when everything is gearing up to get really busy, but isn't busy yet! In my classes, its a lot of planning, researching and getting ready for the long busy semester ahead. I'm ready to go!

In last week's blog post, I talked about my senior line which I am in the process of designing. Well, our final designs (as final and they can be this early, they will evolve as the design process continues) were due, along with our color palette, mood board and fabric sourcing information, including swatches, etc. I've decided to create 4 looks, all for evening/formal events, created out of greys, greens and blues. I will be working with a lot of transparencies, as well as mixing soft fluidity and hard structure in my garments.

Here is a shot of my illustrations, before being mounted for my display board, during the drawing process!


It was so great to finally see everyone's vision for their line. Our class has 17 designers and we all have completely different views and aesthetics, which will make for a very interesting show! We have designers focusing on yoga and athletic wear, vintage inspired recycled garments, children's garments, menswear, different sizes (me!), and many more.

Be sure to come to the show in February! This year it will be on February 16th, which is a Saturday, and there will be two shows (one at 5:30pm and one at 8pm) I will be sure to post more about how to get tickets, etc. when it gets closer to the date!

Lucie, Apparel Design