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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey! Look what I can do!

photo.jpeg Have you ever taken a class and a month into the course you feel like you still haven't learned anything? Let me just say, IDES Studio III is NOTHING like that! So far we're embarking on our fourth week and I feel like I've already learned so much about sketching and rendering. On Monday we had our first assignment due (check out the picture), and I'm really impressed with myself. I mean, I know it isn't perfect, but I think it's still pretty sweet that I've come so far so soon. We've been working on our colored pencil techniques (like the stroke and angle of the pencil) and we've started studying and practicing perspective drawing.

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Perspective drawing is about adding depth to an otherwise flat composition. There are many styles and techniques of perspective drawing, but what we've touched on so far is 1-point and 2-point perspective. The picture I've included is of my first 1-point perspective finished product. The next assignment we have is for a 2-point perspective drawing. I'll make sure I upload a picture of that so you can get the idea!

In addition to colored pencils, today we also started working with markers for the first time this year which I'm super excited about!! I love learning how to make really professional looking renderings and I love finding seeing what I'm capable of. The ability to render is a major asset because not everyone is good at it. It's something I can list on my resume when I'm out there applying for jobs and internships. I think it's great how the Interior Design curriculum here is so well-rounded because I'm getting my hands into so many things. Hand-drafting, Computer Aided Design, 3-D Models, Rendering, this list goes on and on...

I'll be sure to check in next week and update you on what's new!
In the meantime, definitely leave question if you're wondering about anything.

Ashley O.
Interior Design