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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enrichment from Involvement

One of my favorite things about the College of Design is the seemingly limitless opportunities for student involvement. Whatever interests one may have, there are tons projects, programs, and groups that design students can become a part of. Recently, the University's UMore Park Development group mailed me a copy of their most recent publication that I was involved in, The Sustainability Summary. The focus of this summary was largely based on the UMore Park Sustainability Workshop that I professionally audited last year. The workshop brought together various community members of the Rosemount area and was a sort of organized think tank, largely focusing on how residents of the area would like to see UMore Park develop in the context of the local community. After getting a first-hand view of the area's community fabric and culture from locals, the workshop then went on to explore how these features could be applied to the sustainable principles that will serve as a framework for the development of UMore Park. If you are new to my blog or would like to further explore the details of the UMore Park development project, visit their website or one of my previous posts about my involvements with UMore Park as a housing student.

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Not only did my participation at the UMore Park Sustainability Workshop strengthen my academic and community ties, it also gave me the remarkable opportunity to work directly with Bioregional, a world-renowned sustainable development group. Based out of the UK, Bioregional is most famous for creating the famous BedZED sustainable housing community outside of London. Their work with UMore Park has been a tremendous learning experience for both myself and others involved, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of their work.

On another note, it's about that time of the semester to get going on planning activities for the housing studies student group, HOUS (Housing Organization for University Students). The former president of the group recently graduated, so the presidential torch has been passed to me! I am excited to get started and I am looking forward to some fun and engaging activities with my fellow housing students! I will definitely keep you all posted as we get things going! Hope you all are having a fantastic week!

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