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Monday, September 24, 2012

Connecting to Retail

The College of Design provides so many great and unique opportunities for students to professionally develop; it's one of the reasons why I love being in this specific college. I feel like I get an informative e-mail almost every week letting me know about an event or opportunity that's coming up, typically pertaining to my specific major, Retail Merchandising, or simply for student's of the College of Design as a whole. This week I got an e-mail notifying me about Retail Connect, an event thrown annually by the Retail Merchandising program. The event's intent is to connect students, graduates, and people working, or with interests, in retailing together; it also sets to inform the attendees on new developments and methods being used in the field. Last year the event had speakers, from Kohl's and Best Buy, talk about how technology is impacting business, specifically retail. They shared some new innovations and developments and how these will affect us, both as customers and professionals in retail, in the future. It was a great and super interesting event to attend; it allowed me to gain perspective and insight from not only the speakers but the attendees as well. The occasion provided a great and comfortable environment to network with people in different areas of retail.

(I found this image on a previous UMN blog post talking about Retail Connect; the picture belongs to the writer of that post, Trevor Miller, and can be found here)

This year at Retail Connect, the speaker will be an author, Caitlin Kelly, of a book called Malled; she will talk about her career experience in retail and share advice interacting and engaging with customers and employees. The event will take place at the McNamara Alumni Center on Tuesday, October 30th. For those of you who are interested in attending, the costs are $10 for students, $20 for staff, and $25 for general admission. I had a really enlightening experience last year when I went, so I definitely encourage you all to check it out if you can.

Until Next Week!
Sasenka Curic - Retail Merchandising