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Monday, September 24, 2012

Classes for the Semester

4th week of school already? I guess it has been long enough for me to decide whether or not I like my classes and tell you a bit about them (none have made me cry or scream in agony yet).

GDes 3351 - Text & Image
Also known as GD 1. This is a required course that you will likely take your first semester of Junior year. It might also be the first class in which you do work for that could be utilized outside of class. Our class is only doing 3 projects during the entire semester, but don't let that fool you, they are a lot of work. We are just finishing up our first project: making business cards. Branding yourself can be a difficult, but coming up with a satisfying identity feels great. The other two projects for the class are making a complete identity (posters, postcards, banners, etc) for the winter Goldstein Museum of Design exhibit, and the National Public Health Week Film Festival.

GDes 2399W - Design and its Discontents
Before this semester, this class was known as senior seminar, and generally taken by seniors. It was required then and is required now, but can be taken earlier in the program now. This class looks at a lot bigger concepts and theories in design. Currently, we are concentrating a lot of consumption: what drives ourselves and others to consume the things we do. This includes everything from literal consumption of food and beverages, to media and any other purchases as well.

GDes 5342 - Web & Interface
This is a design elective class. It is fulling the many options you now have for a junior year computer-focused course (computer applications 2 replacement). We do two big projects in this class. First, we design an iPhone application. This includes everything from user research, creating rough storyboards(below), and usability testing all the way up to designing and creating a usable prototype. Our second half of the class will be creating a website - more specifics on that when we get there.

WRIT 3562W - Technical and Professional Writing
You are required to take one high level writing course. This class is one of the options and can be taken fully online. Taking the class online is nice, but you have to be very on top of organization and deadlines.

If you want to know more about any of these courses, leave a comment below!

Sean M.
Graphic Design