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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back In the Mix

Most of you readers are experiencing, like I am, the return to academic stress, demands and, manic schedules. September is so busy for most of us who go back to school. We must now adjust from summer jobs, internships, or vacations to a random medley of times and places for classes, recitations, labs, group meetings, club events, sporting events etc... I am mostly getting used to incorporating a part time job into my school schedule. I work different times and days each week and adding my classes to the mix is getting to be a lot for the old brain to handle!

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Love me a hard copy. Seriously get one or MAKE one!!! Funky or professional you can use labels, pictures, memes, times, dates, directions and notes to help you remember things. Don't get me wrong, a tablet or smart phone work great, but what about that time where you are running late and forget it, you are stuck solely relying on a device that needs Wi-Fi or the battery is low. Write it down! Create a visual memory for yourself. It really helps me. In addition to the full academic work load I am now blogging every week! That's exciting and I'm sure there will be lots to tell you about this semester. I have only been to 2 of my 5 classes so far (Tuesday afternoon) but they seem intense and really cool. For my degree in Landscape Planning I have taken a couple Horticulture/science/ecology classes so far. I went to the St. Paul campus Tuesday morning for ESPM 3108: Ecology of Managed Systems. Give yourself some extra time to get find anything in St. Paul unless you are used to it. I think it is tricky to navigate and I hate being late. Buses are not strictly on time either. The campus connectors go through a lot of construction areas and are prone to getting caught in traffic during rush hour on that 10th Avenue Bridge. My best advice for these first couple of days: give yourself time, write everything down, don't be afraid to ask people for help or just to verify something you are unsure of. It all saves you time when getting around campus. Good Luck! Until next week....