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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ADES Student Mixer

Hello to everyone! I am happy to say that my first couple days of my senior year (!!!) of college have been going well! I have had my senior studio class a twice so far and am loving where I am going with my senior line. I have narrowed it down to four main sketches that I will ideate further on. As I mentioned before, I am designing a line of 4-5 looks of formal and evening wear for women sizes 6/8-14/16. I am happy with where I am now and am excited to see what develops out of further ideation! Our professor, Dr. Bye who also happens to be the head of the Design department, is great and I love having her as a professor again. She taught our first ever real studio class when we were freshmen, so its exciting that we'll have started out with her, and we will end out college careers with her too!

Here is a picture of us ideating from our class earlier! Lots of ideas floating around...


Today we also had our annual ADES (Apparel Design) class mixer, where all students who have passed portfolio review get together for cake (yum) and chatting! Its a great opportunity to meet other students who you wouldn't meet in your classes, or grade. I was able to meet a few juniors who I haven't spoken with before, which was great. I also had a great time talking to the new apparel design girls (we still only have one guy in our program!). The new girls were especially nice to meet because I remember when I was their age and at their level and it seems like yesterday! Believe me, your college years will fly by, and they will be amazing.

Lucie, Apparel Design