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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pairing a Minor with your GD Major

Something you may want to consider at some point during your four years studying graphic design is picking up a minor that will complement your degree. In this blog post, I will talk about several common minors that people will pair with their graphic design degrees.

Probably one of the most common minors that graphic design students will do is a Mass Communication minor from the School of Mass Communication and Journalism. This is a great minor to pair with your major, especially if you have any interest in the advertising world. I was initially interested in advertising, and while I am not as interested in pursuing a professional career in advertising anymore, there are still very many relevant classes you can choose to take in the minor. One of my favorite classes in the minor was called Pop Culture and Media. I am also excited to take Psychology of Advertising this coming semester.SJMC.jpeg

Another popular minor that I have looked into doing is the Business Management minor available from the Carlson School of Management. This minor is popular for people in the design world because the knowledge you learn from it can give you a better idea of how you might run your own business or manage yourself as a freelance designer in the future. If I have enough time, I may be trying to fit this minor in to my schedule.

Another minor I want to point out is the Information Technology minor available through the school of Computer Science and Engineering. I recently stumbled upon this minor when looking for an entry-level computer programming class that I could possibly take as an elective. The neat thing about this minor is that a few of classes overlap with design courses you are required to take or may take as a design elective (Computer Applications 1 + Computer applications 2's replacement, Digital Illustration and Animation). Several of the classes also overlap with the Mass Communication minor. After looking into the minor, I was very surprised to see that I would only need to take 2 introductory IT classes to complete the IT minor, something that takes at least 5 classes total for anyone without overlapping classes! For me it wouldn't make sense to not take advantage of this minor, so I plan on inquiring about it later in my college career when I have a bit more free time.

These are just a few of the minors that people often pair with a graphic design major, but there are more to explore as well. I highly suggest considering a minor during your studies at the U to learn a bit more about a topic you are interested in and possibly provide a larger number of job opportunities in the future!

Sean M.
Graphic Design