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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just a moment of clarity....

You know the amazing feeling that most of us get towards the beginning of summer when you have lots of idea of how your going to spend your new found free time. Even when you are working or in summer school there is something different about how you want to spend those precious days. This summer I had two options for work. I applied to HECUA Environmental and Agriculture program and Tree Trust Summer Youth Employment Program. Then I seriously weighed the pros and cons of both. Tree Trust I got paid and it has a landscape component plus youth work, which I am familiar with. HECUA involved visiting a variety of local farms, conventional and organic/sustainable. HECUA also offers an internship component, although it is not necessarily paid. I Tree Trust and a steady paycheck. I am happy I did this in my situation I needed to save up for some school stuff this upcoming year and payback some small debts I accumulated last spring. Money management is something we all must learn, and keep learning forever. One thing that I noticed with the route I choose for myself this summer is that I had a very limited schedule. Everyday M-F I work 8am - 4pm. I am responsible for 8 kids, which means I teach them by example. Skipping out on the days I really want to sleep in or go out of town for the weekend is next to impossible. Plus the time off really adds up (negatively to my bank account!!).
wall final for blog 6.JPG This is our 130' mod block wall in its finished form!

So this week my family came into town to visit. It was my 24th birthday as well. It was a crazy week to say the least with lots of planning around my schedule and me wishing I could be involved with all the daytime activities like matinees, swimming and lunches. But I could not. I am happy that my mom, sister and nana came to visit my work site the day after my birthday to meet my crew, see my project and bring me lunch.
family for blog 6.JPG
So fun and thoughtful, thanks to you Family! I have learned how to accept my summer for what it is, restrictions and allowances by having a good attitude, keeping myself energized when I have the time to go out and asking for those who have more free time to include me when they can. Its going to be a great first day off the job august 18th! Sleeping in, coffee, and a day on my tuchus at the beach