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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home sweet home, back to McNeal!

blog photo.jpgIn the past week my schedule has been shaken up and changed completely, but for the better I'd say! Like I mentioned in a previous post, my internship ended two Fridays ago. And the following Monday, I went back to my job at the Student Services office in McNeal Hall over on the St. Paul campus. It's great to be back because I missed all of the lovely ladies (and Sean, our Graphic Designer) who work there. It's also nice because I've been getting back into a routine schedule of going to work at 8am and finishing up at 4:30pm. I enjoy working full time in the office during summers because I can leave my evenings open and plan on a set schedule. It's nice having work study through financial aid because it provides me with the opportunity to land jobs like the one I have.

Since being in the office this past week, I've done a lot of work with Lucy Reile, the College to Career Coordinator. We've been getting things rolling with the mentor program that CDes offers. The mentor program was created for Juniors and Seniors in any of the 7 majors that the College of Design offers. It's goal is to bridge the gap between professionals working in the design industries and students who are studying to become designers. The Kick Off is coming up in October, so it's a good thing we're getting a move on now.

Besides working, I've just been trying to enjoy the last of summer, working my retail job, and trying my best to get prepared for the upcoming school year. I move out of my apartment on Friday, and then I'll be moving to a house with six other girls, so a lot of work will go into making sure all goes well.

I'll have another post in two weeks (first week of classes), so until then!

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