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Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy to be Back in Minneapolis!

After a random and eventful summer away from metropolitan life, it feels great to be back in Minneapolis for the conclusion of break. My roommates and I are keeping pretty busy in this calm before the storm that is late August. Lots and lots of packing, cleaning, organizing, internship hunting, and preparing for the start of classes. Amongst all of this bustle, my friends and I have taken some time to go on some scenic walks nearby (such as the Stone Arch Bridge, below) and also a bit of frolfing in St. Paul as well. I also paid a visit to the East Bank Campus on Sunday; the Northrop Auditorium was just as beautiful as always despite the major renovation work going on inside.

IMG_3474.JPG IMG_3481.JPG

On a different note - A friend and I had a discussion recently that got me thinking (in hypothetical terms) about my own housing preference if I were to buy a home (for myself) right now. No, I'm definitely not in an active pursuit of homeownership now or in the very near future - but if that were to be the case (and maybe will be in a few years), I would most likely choose a one-bedroom condo in in the recently renovated Midtown Exchange Building. This massive building on the corner of Chicago Avenue & Lake Street in Minneapolis built in 1928, owned by retail giant Sears Roebuck until it was vacated in 1994 and sat empty for over a decade. Even today, the Midtown Exchange is the second-largest building in Minnesota in terms of leasable space (Mall of America took the top spot 20 years ago). After a pig push for investment and funding from major civic leaders, the building was renovated into the Midtown global Market on the bottom floor and has residential units on the upper floors. The immediate surrounding neighborhood is observed to be an "up-and-coming" area of Minneapolis, and is in close proximity to the city's major business and commercial centers. The condos are also super affordable now as the housing market recovers, especially considering they are almost new and a part of a local historic landmark. Maybe some day...


I hope all of your summer breaks were both fun and memorable...almost time to bust out that fall jacket!

- Jesse

Housing Studies, B.S.