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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growing Through Internships

Hello friends!
Hope you all are taking full advantage of this last month of summer and having lots of fun! Even though summer is closely coming to an end, I feel as though it's just starting for me. My internship with Kohl's ended, just this past Friday, and now I have tons of free time to do whatever; I'm am definitely not used to it yet. As nice as it is to finally start my carefree summer, I'm already starting to miss my internship; I feel as though I did a lot of growing there. I now see why it's a requirement for Retail Merchandising major to have an internship and why so many people recommend doing more than just one. This internship really showed me the areas that I excel in, but also exposed the areas that needed grow in. The experience also gave me a better understanding of what I want, and don't want, out of my future career. It was great to develop both personally and professionally! My recommendation: Do as many internships as possible before you graduate, you only stand to gain from them!

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My internship was a management internship at the Fargo Kohl's store,
it was lots of fun and I learned so much from it!

Sasenka -Retail Merchandising