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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer is flying by!

Shoot. Is it really already almost August? This summer has been going by FAST. Working two jobs and going back and forth to southeastern Wisconsin the past few weekends has really made time fly by. My poor car has been really racking up the miles, as I have been going home to help my parents move into a new house and helping them prepare for my sister's wedding. It's a really weird feeling coming home to a new house when you have lived in the same one since you were born. It's especially weird and kind of disappointing when your new "home" still looks like this.


Hopefully after everything is finished it will feel like the home I used to know. My parents wanted my "graphic designer" opinion on paint/tile/other-thing colors for around the new house. I don't think I actually gave very good advice- house decor is not my thing, but I tried! That counts, right?

Anyways, my sisters wedding happened and it was really fun, except for the part where I Screen Shot 2012-07-24 at 10.58.41 AM.pnghad no voice due to the fact that I was getting over a cold. My voice was cracking and squeaking like a prepubescent boy whilst talking to people that had not seen me since I was a prepubescent boy, oops. The ceremony/reception were in an awesome old brick building in the 3rd ward of Milwaukee. Everything turned out great! Despite having no voice, I could definitely still dance. Here is my sister and I dancing it up. Don't worry, those are definitely root beers.

All of that traveling back in forth didn't leave me much time to make some progress on a few design projects I have been working on. Luckily, of the two clients I have been working on projects for outside of work, one is my roommate and he is pretty understanding of me needing a little more time to work on our project. My roommate is a computer science major and has a lot of experience developing mobile games. Together, we are working on a new game that is kind of like a combination between Scramble with Friends and a regular crossword puzzle. More on that when it is closer to coming out!

That's about it for now. Make the most of the last month of summer!

Sean M.
Graphic Design