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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Wonderful Places to Eat! Part 2

Last November I wrote a blog about some great restaurants to check out on, or near, campus; the list got lengthy quickly and I had to leave a few places off. Today, however, I thought I would do a second installment of that blog post and give you all some more choices concerning food and where to eat.

Al's Breakfast- Located on 14th Ave. in Dinkytown. This is the go-to breakfast place for UofM students; the restaurant is really small, so waiting in line should be expected. However, if you ask anybody they will tell you that it is definitely worth it!

Mesa Pizza- Located on 4th St. in Dinkytown. This awesome little pizza place has the most delicious, yet strangest, assortment of pizzas. You can get anything from pepperoni to Mac n' Cheese pizza, and just about everything in between.

Vescio's- Located on 14th Ave. in Dinkytown. This is more of a sit down restaurant compared to the other two. The Italian food served at this place is delicious, yet affordable! Also a personally recommendation, you must try their raspberry cake!

So there you go! Happy Eating! Also here is part 1 of the list- 'Some Wonderful Places to Eat'

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