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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make Your Space Like a College Student

Hello again!

I have been living on campus in residence halls for the past 3 years. As an architecture student, it's very important to me that the environment I live in doesn't feel like a jail cell. So, I would always do my best to turn a 10' by 13' room into heaven on campus. However, heaven doesn't come easy. There are many rules and restrictions that are/aren't allowed in residence hall rooms. When I got my room assignment, I imagined it with a walk-in closet, tons of space, and shelves strategically placed on the walls. Then, I found out that puncturing walls in any way is strictly prohibited. I can no longer install shelves in the dream was crushed.

With the help of my brother, we came up with a wall-shelf system. We built a self-standing wall with lumber from a local lumberyard, and we attached shelves on the wall we created. Screws were used in this project in place of nails which makes it possible to be taken down and rebuilt several times. I have been using the same pieces of lumber for the past years, and I will reuse them again this year. It's all reuse, reduce, and recycle!

White couch in the middle was originally 2 used yard chairs covered in pillows and fabric. Wall-shelf is on the right of the image.

In addition, I visited the University of Minnesota Reuse Program for room furniture and other final touches. They have tons of merchandise from all of the University departments for purchase and some are FREE. The prices are amazing! I highly recommend that you check this place out before you buy anything for your room/apartment elsewhere. Microwaves, mini-fridges, and futons are popular among students. They have it all, many for less than $10. So, you will be saving money and our planet at the same time.

Reuse Center, image of office chairs, image of used printers

Stop buying new items and choose to go green with reused items instead! They open on Thursdays from 8am-8pm. If you plan on living in a residence hall/apartment, your housing assignment is coming out on July 31st. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle when decorating your room!

See you next blog,
Beau S., Architecture B.D.A.