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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

M is for Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hello again!

Last week, I decided to go around town and explore the architecture of Minneapolis. One of many plus sides of being in the Twin-Cities campus is you have opportunities to the resources of 2 cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul. They offer many great things like beautiful places, employment, internships, and even theaters and restaurants. So, I took a trip just couple blocks away from campus to visit the Mill District area.

It only took five minutes of a bus ride to get there. My bus stop was at the Metrodome, home to our Minnesota Vikings football team.

Just two blocks away, there was the Mill City Farmers Market which happens every Saturday during summer. Locally produced products, vegetables, and live music!


This is me with "Strawberry and Basil with Aged Balsamic Vinegar" sorbet. It is beyond amazing and that cup was clearly too tiny.

Talking about the Mill City Farmers Market, we have the Mill City Museum located just a couple steps away. It used to be the largest flour mill in the world. It is currently being preserved as a historical place.


Right next door, it is our famous Guthrie Theater. As a student, watch out for those discounted tickets available for you. Now, you can to enjoy great performances while not killing that money tree you have.


Keep walking around, you will find the Gold Medal Park next to the Guthrie. This nicely designed landscape is open to public. Great place to walk your pets, bike around, or having one of those free dates. As I walked along the pathway, I found sexy light poles everywhere. makes little things in life so much more pleasant.

There are so many more things in the area that it will take several blogs to cover it all. So, I will leave the rest up to you to explore them yourself. Maybe start with your neighborhood or hometown. You will be surprised.

See you next blog!

-Beau S., Architecture B.D.A.