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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long Beach next week :)

Next week is the week! I will be in Long Beach California for the Hand Weaver's Guild of America annual conference, Convergence 2012, to assist my professor Dr. Lucy Dunne. Dr. Dunne is the featured speaker of the conference and will be teaching a work shop as well. Her seminar is about electronic textiles, fibers and fabrics, and how they can be used in fashion to create useful as well as aesthetics products. Her workshop will be focusing on using electronic fiber optics, vibrating motors and LEDs to create designs in fabric. This Friday I have a meeting with Dr. Dunne to go over the projects and material for the conference, which should be a fun time!

I will leave for the conference this Monday morning and arrive that afternoon. I then have a meeting with the other student assistants. Going to a large school like the U of M gives you great opportunities like this, to attend conferences and events and meet lots of new people from all over the United States, and world! I then help with set up and starting the conference and assisting Dr. Dunne and my other instructor, Dianne Totten from Michigan. While there I also get to take part in classes and conference events in my down time. I'm super excited!

Here is an image of a past project Dr. Dunne has worked on that will be similar to what her seminar and workshop will be focused on. The petals of the flowers are attached to a vibrating motor that is activated with a touch sensor, so when the wearer is hugged the petals flutter and move about! So cool!


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