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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lets Make Friends!

Hi friends! How did you all celebrate the 4th of July/weekend after the 4th? I spent mine with friends at the lake. We soaked up the sun and played some fun water sports. I had a blast hanging out with 35 fellow college students and got to see such a wonderful display of community. I have talked about friends and finding the right community at school in previous blog posts, but it's definitely something worth mentioning again.

(This is me and some of my closest friends from school; the one on the left was my freshman year roommate and I consider her one of my best friends!)

Finding the right fit in friends is very important, especially during your freshman year; the friends you make your freshman year will most likely be the people you continue to hang out with throughout college. This might not always be the case because you'll definitely be making friends throughout the rest of the years too, you just have the greatest opportunities during your freshman year because you'll be living in the dorms and running into potential friends all the time! I suggest taking total advantage of these close living quarters; expose yourself to many different people and make as many friends as possible until you find your fit. You are probably off to a great start already, I'm sure you've already made some connections during your orientation sessions. Maintain those connections and definitely continue to build new ones because you never know, you could already have met your future best friend!

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