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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Internships and Informationals

My summer is such a whirlwind; it's busy every minute. I seriously think that sometimes I'm busier now than I ever was during the school year. I know that's probably not actually true, but for now, it really feels like it. For the most part it seems that I just always have somewhere to be, someone to see, or something to do. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not complaining over here, I'm just saying it like it is. Although the summer has been busier and more hectic than I can sometimes wrap my head around, it has also been lots and lots of fun.

I think I told you guys I'd give you a heads up on how my informational interview went, so here goes. I met with a woman named Jenn who works as a Marketing Director for an up and coming boutique. I'm sure you're wondering why I met with her if I'm studying interior design, but I believe it's good to create a wellrounded network of professionals because you never know what sort of connection might come up. It's was a brief meeting, but really fun too! We met at an adorable café in Edina and chatted about careers, career goals, and personal lives. She's so nice because she's genuinely interested in getting to know me and really just helping me and giving me advice. When we said goodbye, she said I could always call or email and she even recommended a few internships for me next summer.

photo-5.JPGAlso, if you follow my blog, then you'll know about my current merchandising internship with Urban Outfitters. I'm a few weeks in and it's been one heck of an experience so far! Since I also work there as a sales associate, Urban has pretty much become my second home. I'm always there interning, working, or let's be honest, shopping. It's really cool though because I'm building relationships with my co-workers and managers, something I value as priceless. Like I've mentioned in previous blog entries, I'm interning for Sarah, the store merchandiser. With the Back-to-School floor-set changes underway, it's been a very busy time for us. What's great about this internship is the inside peak I get at the planning process, action process, and result or aftermath of what we have done. Another cool thing is the freedom to do a few projects on my own. Sometimes I get to dress forms according to what I think will be best, or today I got to merchandise some of our Entertainment shop. We also read floor plans and elevations to relocate some of our fixtures for the coming season. Another project I worked on involved creating signs for each new shop our store will feature. Check it out in the picture I've uploaded.

If you have any questions about my internship, or really anything at all, please don't be a stranger and drop a comment below!

Until next,
Ashley O.
Interior Design