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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Housing Higher Densities

With my senior year approaching, I've been thinking a lot lately not only what sorts of jobs to look for after graduation, but also where I plan to live. While I very well may stay close to my roots in Minneapolis, there's always a chance that I'll take on a larger city such as Chicago. Regardless, I have decided that beyond my days of living in the off-campus neighborhoods of Dinkytown and Southeast Como, I will likely choose to live in a higher density housing complex.

While apartment/condo living isn't considered by many to be the most "ideal" living situation, I would debate that there are many different ways of looking at it. Well designed and constructed multifamily housing complexes mixed development complexes go in line with the smart growth urban planning and transportation theory. Smart growth essentially aims to create "compact communities" that create a more practical, sustainable, active, and convenient civic life for inhabitants. By increasing density in both housing and commercial structures, along with other land use and design considerations (the UMore Park Project is a good example), it has been observed by many as a way to make the city universally accessible and pleasing to all, while preserving civic culture and reducing the effects of suburban sprawl.

Current version of UMore Park's Concept Master Plan, adhering to several key concepts of smart growth UMore PArk.png Cobalt Condos in Northeast Minneapolis. cobalt.jpg

Hope you all are staying cool in the heat.

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