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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another Internship Update...

photo-2.jpegSo I'm just hopping into the sixth week of my internship, and with two weeks to go after this one, I'm kind of bummed. Interning makes time absolutely fly, but I wouldn't change a thing because I'm having fun and learning tons! A huge project of the store and one of my main focuses has been the front window display. With the Back-to-School season coming, it's prime time for retail stores, and Urban Outfitters specifically (that's where I'm interning) to change it up and revamp for the new shopping season. It's been an exhausting process working on so much display stuff, but it's been good for me too. Doing this internship has given me a more realistic and wellrounded perspective on what the job of a merchandiser actually entails. It's great getting this point of view because now I can decide if this is a job I would like in the future or if there are other things I'd like to explore. Below I've added a picture of the finished window display -- Let me know what you think!!

Ashley O.
Interior Design