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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"If you don't know Rapson, then you can't rap, son"

This statement was made by my friend Nic H. last year about your home on campus for the next four years. College of Design is located on two campuses: East Bank and St. Paul campus. McNeal Hall in St. Paul is home for our apparel design, graphic design, housing studies, interior design, retail merchandising, and the Goldstein Museum of Design. Rapson Hall was named after our beloved former head of School of Architecture and notable architect, Ralph Rapson. Originally built in 1960 and went under renovation in 2002. It is home for School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Since we are design students, let me show you some of my favorite spots inside Rapson Hall in a different way besides using the plain-o' photos. These drawing are from classes I took in the past.

First off, here is the Courtyard. Be ready to have your mind blown because this courtyard has no grass and it is completely indoor. Because of its smart design, you will feel like you are outdoor. You will get the same sunlight as outside even though you are completely inside the building.

Value Drawing of the courtyard, section drawing. From class ARCH 2301 Introduction to Drawing in Architecture.

The next thing is the twisting East Stairway. This hidden stairway is located near our advisors' offices. An assignment in one of my class was to analyze the stair and its design. One fun fact I discovered is the number of steps and the angle it turns change at every floor level. This made it almost impossible to make a drawing of this staircase. However, I made the drawing...yay me!

east stairway.jpg
Plan oblique drawing, photo from the bottom up of the staircase. From class ARCH 2281 Design Fundamental II.

I hope you are excited to be part of our CDes family and this home sweet home. In the mean time, check out all the wonderful things Rapson Hall has to offer, from our own library to Daylighting Lab... Now you know why this is a place to be.

-Beau, Architecture B.D.A.