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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer in the Cities

With summer well on its way I thought I would talk about some of the things I like to do in my free time around the U of M and Twin Cities in the summer- or really whenever the weather is nice.

photo(3)-3.jpgIt's my first time staying in the Twin Cities for the entire summer so I have been exploring as much as possible. Exploring the Cities by bike is one of my favorite things to do on a nice summer day when I'm not at work. With Minneapolis consistently ranking as one of the United States' best biking cities, it's easy to get around on the countless number of bike lanes and dedicated bike trails. If you don't own a bike, check out Nice Ride, The Twin Cities bike sharing program. With several Nice Ride stations around campus, and over 140 Twin Cities-wide you can find a nice ride bike station almost anywhere.

If you are new to Minneapolis, or prefer to go on a shorter ride, take a ride down to the Stone Arch Bridge for an awesome view of downtown and the Mississippi River. If you are up for a little bit longer ride, the Midtown Greenway will take you from West River Parkway into Uptown where there are many awesome lakes to hang out at in summer and great places to eat and shop. Lake Calhoun (pictured above) in Uptown has the most popular beach that can sometimes be a little bit crowded. Try finding your way to a beach on one of the several surrounding lakes if Calhoun is packed.

If you are still trying to escape the heat, one of my favorite beaches that I have discovered in the Twin Cities metro is on Medicine Lake (pictured below) in Plymouth. Located in Clifton E. French Regional Park on the north side of the lake, it's a bit of a hike, however the park never seems to be crowded and has hiking trails and many secluded picnic areas in addition to the beach. If you are into biking, you can even take paved bike paths the entire way there. I often like to pack a lunch and ride out to the park. photo(2)-2.jpg

Well, those are just a few things I like to do around the Twin Cities, but I'm sure I will be talking about more in the future! Just don't wait to get out and explore all the awesome parks, tasty restaurants, diverse music, and more you can find here!

Sean M.
Graphic Design