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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One week down at the internship.

photo.jpegAnd boy oh boy did it fly by! 6 AM mornings will do that to ya. If you read my last blog post, then you'll know about my internship at Urban Outfitters this summer. It's three times a week, 6-11 AM and it goes for eight weeks. Yeah, the mornings are much earlier than I'm used to, but I really can't complain because after I'm done interning I still have the majority of the day to work at my other job over in Rapson's Student Services office, or even just chill with the rest of the day off depending on what my work week looks like.

The internship is very informative so far, and even in just one week I feel like I've absorbed tons of knowledge and information. It's interesting learning about how a merchandiser works and what their process is. photo-1.jpgA lot of people don't realize the time or effort that goes into setting up a retail store, doing a window display, or dressing a form/mannequin (to name just a few responsibilities), but from what I've learned so far, there's practically a science behind it! There's a lot of number crunching involved to determine what items are selling or "paying the rent" and why that might be. Then merchandise placement changes and additions are carefully laid out based on strategies to boost focus on certain classes of merchandise (ie: dresses, men's pants, etc.).

In the next few weeks, we'll be really busy working on our back to school floorset where we'll be reworking the layout of the store. I have a strong feeling that'll be one of my favorite parts because it's the step that relates most to interior design. I'm excited to share what I know about floorplans and the design process because having the perspective of an interior designer is quite valuable. In addition to the floorset, I hear I might get to get my hands a little dirty working with our display artist. Power tools and building stuff! I'm pretty excited if you can't tell.

I'll keep you all posted on what happens with my internship in the next couple of weeks.
Until then,
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