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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Vacation by the Bay (Area)

This last weekend I headed out from the woods (group training at Camp Courage) to the metropolis of San Francisco. What a hassle traveling has become! I had an amazing time in San Francisco, don't get me wrong, but it started out as a battle between me and the airline. I suppose its to be expected now that flights are delayed and cancelled. I'll just say Friday was a rough night and United Airlines owes me one!

camp courage group.jpg

I have to tell you people think all of California has perfect weather. Unfortunately, the Bay Area is immune to California's reputation. It was about 65 when I got into Oakland at Midnight, not too bad but definitely colder than Minnesota at night. The next day was perfect. I woke up early and met up with my friend Rachel who just moved to the East Bay from Minneapolis for a great job opportunity. Even in California the job market seems to be picking up. I'd love to get a job out there with a company like Rebar Art & Design Studio or some-sort of alternative landscape firm. The Rebar group does some really interesting art projects with deconstructed street equipment. They are also working on the Southwest Corridor of the Minneapolis Light Rail Project.

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I had three objectives in California: attend my friend Gabriela's wedding in San Ramon, see all my friends living in the Bay Area, and going to the Pacific Ocean. I accomplished all my goals this trip and it felt so great. I mostly travelled on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) which was so easy. I wish our LRT was done already! Since I moved back to Minneapolis from SF, I have said San Francisco has a great city model for Minneapolis to follow. Aside from the designer within me I love San Francisco for the food and culture. There are so many restaurants and I got to eat Sushi, Mexican and Vietnamese food. Special shout out to mi amiga Ivana for making a Venezuelan dish called arepas (Spanish) or arepas (English)

So I moved through the city on the public transit, ate my fair share of what the city has to offer and had an amazing trip. I highly recommend a trip out here for anyone interested in Victorian and Edwardian Architecture, the landscaping of Golden Gate Park is extremely beautiful. The history of the city itself shines through as you move through it, since it is a walkable city, many people now bike or bus too. I could go on, and on. But I'll save you from my rambling memories....Just go there!

Until next week,

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