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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A little about my upcoming internship...

urbano.jpgSo I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this, but this summer I'll be interning with Urban Outfitters. The internship is Merchandising based, but it incorporates many interior design elements when it comes to retail/store planning. I start next week and it's 8 weeks long, three times a week. I can't wait to start and I'm super excited to learn some new things! I think the only part I'm not looking forward to is the early mornings - it starts at 6am and goes until 11am. It's crazy because this time last year, I probably would have slept during the entire shift I'll now be interning. Funny how times change!

7574268c8a8711e1a9f71231382044a1_7.jpegThis internship is perfect for me because as much as I love interior design, I also have a strong passion for fashion. (I don't care if that sounds cheesy!) It's nice that I can combine two things that I love into one internship experience. Something that's great about Urban Outfitters is that they want to make sure students get a custom experience from their internship, so you can structure it to hit key points of interest. Being an interior design student, my internship will have an emphasis on the overall structure and layout of the store as well as visual displays. I'm minoring in Retail Merchandising, so the internship will also highlight the more mathematical and statistical sides of the job. Overall, I think I'm in for a really well rounded experience that will help me mold and shape my goals for a future career. Afterall, I think that's what internships do best. They give a peek and a chance to walk in the shoes of someone working in an industry you have interest in. I look forward to this internship and internships I will complete in the future because I'll get a better and more clear sense of what Id ideally like to be doing with my life.

Stay tuned; in my next blog I'll definitely give an update on how the internship is going and what I'm learning. I'll be sure to include tons and tons of pictures too!!

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