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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What An Opportunity!

Hello friends! So, do you remember how last week I showed you a picture of a project I was working on for my visual merchandising class? Well that project was actually not only a project for the class, but also a competition for Target! About a month ago we, as a class, were given the opportunity to redesign/re-merchandise different sections of the Target store: women's ready to wear section, the men's swim shop, and the boy's Cherokee shop. Having been assigned partners of two, we were given the option in choosing which of the three shops to re-merchandise. My partner, Joe, and I chose to take on the challenge of re-designing the men's swim shop.

Spending many hours brainstorming, visiting Target and competitors, doing peer interview, and implementing our ideas on the computer program, mock shop, Joe and I finally got to present our project to our class last Monday. Out of about 40 groups, which presented both that Monday and Wednesday, Joe and mine's idea was selected to be in the top 12! Not only meant that we had a good idea on our hands, but that we got to present this idea to Target executives! We were very excited!

Well, this executive presentation actually occurred yesterday, Tuesday, and Joe and I ended up winning 2nd place! Not only is this a great honor, but also it is an even greater opportunity! By placing 2nd, we are given a chance to visit Target headquarters this coming August and discuss the possibility of a job opportunities after college! HOW AMAZING! I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity!


Well if any of you have questions, please feel free to ask! But until then, have a wonderful week!
-Sasenka-Retail Merchandising