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Friday, May 4, 2012

The SELPies!

This past Tuesday, I attended the SELPies-- an award show sponsored my the Student Employee Leadership Program (SELP), honoring Outstanding Student Employees. SELP also puts on workshops throughout the semester that student employees can attend. There's even a certificate you can graduate after you complete the steps listed on their page. It's a great program that does a good job of polishing up students who show promise.

In addition to other student workers and their supervisors at the SELPies, some my College of Design Student Services team were also in company. Gayle Whitney and Tiffany Thayer, office managers were there, along with my direct supervisor, Lucy Reile (thanks so much for the award nomination, Lucy!!). Patrick Puckett, Carlie Owens and Anna Heitz (not pictured) who were also being honored.

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It was a fun event to attend, especially because I love my job! It's so reassuring to receive an award that reinforces the fact that you are good at what you do. I think the skill-set I have gathered from working as Lucy's assistant will really help me when I graduate and am out in the "real world" because communication skills are important in any field of work, and in my opinion, especially design. In addition to communication skills, I have also learned more about time management, prioritization, and professionalism. These are all important areas to excel at both currently and as a graduate.

Thank you and until next time!

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