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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Last Rituals

Readers, it is with great regret (and great pleasure) to say this is my last blog as your student blogger. I've had a great time sharing stories with you over this last academic year, but I'm excited not to be a student anymore! I'm still working on finding a job; however, I have an interview at Hopkins/Baumann, a small design shop that specializes in publication design tomorrow. I'm very excited!

Over the summer, my new friend Sean will maintain this blog every other week. I say new friend because he and I didn't know one another until he applied to take my place as the graphic designer in the College of Design Student Services Office. Since then, he's even applied to replace me at the Office of Information Technology! I also found out that he and I have the same birthday, separated by two years. So we're basically the same person.

I wish all of my readers luck in their future paths, whether you are a parent helping your student decide where to go to school, or you're the student embarking on one of the greatest journeys of your life. I hope I've helped you decide that the University of Minnesota is the place for you. It certainly was for me.


Me and my friends Lauren and Kelsey from my study abroad program in London after Commencement.

A fond farewell,

Graphic Design B.F.A.