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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Time and the Livins' Easy

Hey everyone,

I can't believe how great I feel after being out of school for a couple weeks. I'm refreshed and ready to start a new phase in my life. I started my work with Tree Trust this week! Yay. Along with blogging for for CDes I think my summer will be packed, but keeping so busy will make things very interesting all summer long. I get to continue exploring the city on my bike, as I did in LA 1401 thanks to a diverse curriculum designed by Prof. Brad Agee. My Tree Trust training brought me out to St. Louis Park via the Cedar Lake North Regional Trail. It is a beautiful spot just North of Cedar Lake and Hidden Beach. I highly recommend finding your way out there soon and enjoying the views, especially for a sunset or two at the beach.

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I attempted to get involved at the U my first year and it totally paid off for me. I got to be apart of an local and organic food potluck with the group "U Students Like Good Food" and a panel discussion with some local experts discussing urban agriculture. Learning inside and outside the classroom makes everything I'm learning seem so applicable to my future career.
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This week is the first week of going back to obligations, responsibilities and learning. Not only do I start work training, I am going to San Francisco to be a bridesmaid for a good friend from my previous college. I was an Architecture and Community Design major at the University of San Francisco California.

So even with all these changes and challenges starting up in my life I try to stay calm and take a few moments to breathe deep every day. I am super lucky to have opportunities and support for these endeavors from my boyfriend, family and the staff I will be working for.

So enjoy your free time and make the most of it!

Sarah, Landscape Planning