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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer, summer, you're flying by.

meee.jpgI cannot believe this is already the third week of summer! It seems like just yesterday that I was coming back from working my first day at the summer job, sitting on my futon, and thinking to myself, "this summer is going to drag and drag and drag." I'll admit, the first few days seemed like they went on forever and ever, but that's because I was getting used to a new schedule. An adult schedule. One where you wake up at 7:00am everyday, go to work at 8:00am, eat lunch at noon, continue working, and leave at 4:30pm to go to your respective home. So basically, it's like a 9-5, but like, not quite 9 and not quite 5. Close enough, though.

Now that I'm over the hump of the first few days of attempting to get into the groove, I can say I've finally hit a stride. I feel like I'm really starting to grasp all of my tasks and responsibilities at the Rapson Student Services office, I'm starting to get back into the loop at my job over in Uptown, and I'm making the most of my days in my leisure time. OH! And I've finally been reunited with my beloved car, Alfonso. (He's a Volvo.)

walker_interior.jpgHmm? What else? Some things on my agenda for the next few weeks include going to International Market Square, an interior design building in Minneapolis with tons of awesome samples and interesting people. I also want to get out to as many art museums as I can so I'll probably hit up the Walker Art Center and the Sculpture Garden (also both in Minneapolis) on a sunny day in the near future. I feel like I'm at such an advantage going to school in the Twin Cities, because I have so many amazing things right at my fingertips. Basically, my goal this summer is to soak up as much inspiration as I can so that I can go into next year with many fresh ideas and new perspectives. Did I mention I'm also planning a day trip to Chicago? Because there's that. I've never truly explored that city, and I can't wait to soak up the culture there (even if. Maybe I'll blog about it!

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