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Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Semester 2012 is OVER!

Summer is finally here! After an intense week of final exams, the spring semester is over and my hard work has paid off. I've been spending most of my free time with my friends, enjoying all of the great summer amenities Minneapolis has to offer. Lake Calhoun and the Sculpture Garden have been two of my favorite outdoor activities.

thomas beach.jpg IMG_2257.JPG

I have also spent some time doing stuff that I hadn't had much time for during the busy academic term - like spending time with my older sister (who recently graduated from the U of M) and visiting the Mill City Ruins near downtown Minneapolis.

IMG_2181.PNG IMG_2200.JPG

While I have spent all of my college summer breaks thus far here in Minneapolis, I have decided to spend my final summer before senior year back at home in Southwest Minnesota with my parents. After three years of summer work and paying the bills myself, moving to an air-conditioned lake home with free room and board sounds great to me! I will be blogging periodically throughout the summer to share my thoughts and keep in touch as I try to land an internship for the fall when I return to Minneapolis.

Also...I have nearly forgotten that in the midst of the end-of-semester craziness, I registered for fall semester classes. Much of the coursework will be fulfilling my housing technology concentration and architecture minor - they add up to 16 credits total:

HSG 3482: Sustainable Housing - Community and Environmental Technology

CMGT 3001: Introduction to Construction

ESPM 3603: Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

ARCH 4671: Historic Preservation

ECON 1101: Principles of Microeconomics

Hope you're having a great summer so far!

Jesse LaMaack - Housing Studies, B.S.