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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On to summer!

Its summer time! A time to relax a bit, take some time off from school, work in the fashion field on my own and through volunteer opportunities, work and save up for the fall semester, etc. Over the summer, I will continue blogging about my goings on, related to school, working and fashion design, but will only blog every other week. Feel free to keep commenting and asking questions and I will try to answer each and every one of them!

As far as this summer, I will be working two part time jobs: one, the one I hold during the school year as well, is as a student receptionist/assistant for the Dean's Office in the College of Design. This is great because a lot of the people I work with during the summer are newly incoming freshman, so its great to share my story and give them some insight into a student's life. My other job, that I just got recently for the summer, is working as a fit expert and personal shopper at Nani Nalu swimwear boutique. I work with clients, one on one, to find suits that fit them based on their sizes, height, lifestyle, etc. Its great for my career goals, because I eventually want to work with a range of sizes, and learning directly from women and what they like and don't like is great insight. Another great thing is that a lot of the women I work with, are within the size range I want to design for: 8-14, so learning and seeing what works best of those range of sizes is great.

Here is a picture of the boutique where I now work!

nani nalu.jpg

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