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Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Break Time

Hello Friends! School just got done this past Saturday and summer break is finally here! Woot! However, it does not feel like summer quite yet. I am still in the school mindset and can't seem shake the feeling that I should be studying or doing homework, but I have none, so I do not need to be doing anything; it is wonderful! It's nice to know that for the next two weeks, until my internship starts on May 29th, all I am obligated to do is rest, be lazy, and enjoy beautiful weather.

(Going to the lake: something I look forward to doing to this summer)

So the end of the semester not only brings an end to school, but also an end to my weekly blog posts. But do not fret friends, because this summer I will be blogging every other week starting May 28th. I am planning to keep you all updating on the happening of my internship and all that I am learning; but other than that it's pretty up in the air; so if you have any questions specific to previous posts or ideas on what I should cover or go more in depth with, let me know and I will definitely try to write about it!

Talk to you all in two week!
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