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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Summer Blog

Hello again readers! Its officially summer blogging season so I thought I would start my fortnightly blogs by introducing myself again, in case we have some new readers! My name is Lucie, and I will be starting my senior year at the University of Minnesota this fall. I am studying apparel design and retail merchandising, and will be getting a BSA and a minor in each respectively. I am especially interested in women's' evening-wear, specifically for sizes 8 through 14. Last semester, I had a research class looking into what I wanted to focus on for my senior line, along with my 15 classmates. Moving forward on to the summer and next semester, I will continue to research and sketch for ideas for my line. Most of next semester, and part of Spring semester will consist of me working very hard on my senior line, which is part of the senior show held annually in February. My line is taking inspiration from the sea and the Irish legend of the Selki (a type of mermaid, taking the form of a seal.)

Over the summer I will be blogging twice a month, documenting fashion and art events around the cities that I attend, as well as progress on my senior line research, and other fashion related goings-on. Feel free to leave me comments on my blog and I will do my best to respond to any questions!

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Lucie, Apparel Design