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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Last Saturday was a glorious day filled with friends, family, and a whole lot of memories. My family arrived around noon to traveled with me over to Rapson Hall. One of my studio-mates scheduled a pre-commencement photo in our beloved architecture building. It turned out to be very chaotic, but we took some great group photos. Our commencement was held in Mariucci Arena because Northrop Auditorium is being renovated. After hearing a motivating speech by U of M alumnus John Cary, we walked across the stage to shake hands with some of the faculty including Dean Fisher, Julia Robinson, Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla, Renee Cheng, and Loren Abraham. That short walk will forever be etched in all of our memories. I'll miss everyone that I've met here, especially those who have changed my life.

For now, this time after graduation is filled with excitement and uncertainty. I will have to choose a graduate school if I want to become a licensed architect. But before I rush back to studio all-nighters, I am considering applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English in Poland. After spending two weeks there last May, I fell in love with a country that most people forget exists unless you have Polish ancestors. Hopefully, I will be able to experience their culture for longer than two weeks.

Beau Sinchai will be taking my position as the Architecture blogger. She is a great friend, fellow AIAS member, and student. Beau is seeking her Bachelor of Design in Architecture and will be graduating next year. You will learn a lot of information about student involvement from her; she does so much!

Good luck in everything you pursue! Thank you for reading my blog!

Bachelor of Science - Architecture