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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Almost Done!

It's the last week of classes and we are all preparing for the final stretch. We are adding finishing touches to projects and starting to dig our faces into our books in hopes of acing finals. But, I must admit that I actually don't have many final tests this year; I just one cumulative final and the rest are just regular, "non-cumulative", tests, projects, or papers, which are due this week. Having an easygoing finals week, is a departure for me, I am used to scantering and cramming my head full of information; but this year, I get to focus more on the tasks in front of me, rather than simply final exams. However, don't get me wrong, projects and papers can be tough as well, particularly if they are lengthy or you have many of them to due.

With my projects and papers all being due this week, this past weekend was super difficult for me. I did not think that I had enough hours in the day to finish all that I needed to; I had a, very large, project due, four papers to finish, and had to study for a test. Somehow, I managed to get it all done and now all I have to do is study for my one final next week and start packing everything up for the summer.

(This is a side view of the project I had due; for this my partner

and I had to re-design and merchandise a shop)


Have a great week!
Sasenka-Retail Merchandising