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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Bittersweet Week

I'm sure you're probably getting tired of my writing about things winding down for me, but it's really what my life is about right now. It's tremendously promising and deathly frightening at the same time. My peers, faculty, and supervisors at work all have faith I will be employed quickly, but I can hear my bank account telling me that if I'm not working by June, July is going to be a problem!

So nice to see SENIOR on a nametag, finally!

It's not all stress, though. Last night was the Honors Recognition Ceremony for students graduating with Latin Honors. It was a wonderful event and a great celebration with my friends and old floormates from Middlebrook Hall. We went to Applebee's after for adult beverages (which is still kind of weird that we're all old enough to have those now) and, of course, half price apps.

This isn't chronologically correct, but Wednesday marked the last graded assignment of my undergraduate career. I created a book entitled Urban Frustrations, which was a collection of typography from construction signs and my smart-alec remarks back at them. It felt wonderful to turn it in and be done!

My submission for my typographic landscape assignment, Urban Frustrations.

Today was the presentation of my Summa Cum Laude thesis, "More Than A Mark: Creating a logo and identity system for the University of Minnesota Marching Band." The presentation went extremely well, minus the part where I got teary at the end. Honestly, I think the realization that it's all over finally hit, and I lost my composure.

Finally, the registrar showed me the cords we get to wear for levels of distinction at Commencement today. I'm so glad I didn't buy a stole, and I also encourage everyone to do their absolute best. If not for the bling bling, because you want to. It will show when it comes time to graduate that you put your time in.

Personally, I will be walking wearing an honor medallion, the blue and white cords of my fraternity, and my cords for the level of distinction I earned. I'll also be wearing a copper tassel for my degree in Graphic Design, and a white tassel for my degree in Advertising. I'm not sure about you, but I think I have plenty to wear!

And they named me Outstanding Undergraduate Student to boot.

Until next week,

Graphic Design BFA