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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working More Efficiently

This past week has been insane. I literally tweeted the following:

Sleep. Class. Work. Class. Sleep. Class. Work. Class. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Class. Work. Class. Sleep. Class. Work. Class. #effingstarving

The National Student Advertising Competition is finally, after a year of preparation, taking place on campus this Saturday at Willey Hall. I can't even tell you how excited I am. I've been involved in brainstorming and developing our creative concept, producing our book, and now our Keynote presentation. It's all coming together, and I really think we have a great chance this year.

I also finished PAUSE, the magazine I've been art directing all semester, last night at 1:30 am. It's finally off to print. I had a minor freakout this morning that I might have forgotten to update a caption; turned out to be just fine (it's amazing how paranoid design work can make you sometimes!).

My favorite thing to do while editing is to throw pages on the floor once I make the changes!

In other news, I have a job interview at Martin Williams Advertising ( next Friday for a Data Visualist position! Data visualization is a developing area of design--it's all about the production of graphics for the purpose of making information beautiful. Check out this site for some sweet examples: Here's the infographic I produced to be considered for this internship!


I also made it past the resume/cover letter round for the O-Tern program at OLSON this summer (, and was required to submit an undeveloped disposable camera, full of pictures of things I was curious about. I decided I should brand it.


As everything comes to a close, I'm not even able to focus on the things I'll miss. I'm sure the Monday after commencement, though, I'll be singing a different tune.

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