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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Took me by surprise...

The way my classes worked out this semester initially took me by surprise when I at last discovered that none of my classes involved any sort of paper-writing assignment. While I will say it has been a nice change in pace, my academic workload hasn't seemed to decrease as I had expected it would. Then what is taking up most of my time outside of class readings you ask? The answer is projects, some more projects, and final projects.

Overall, I would give preference to project assignments over writing papers, but it didn't take long to realize most project assignments often take a significantly higher degree of effort and planning. As classes are beginning to rap up for the semester, this week has quite the list of final project deadlines. I'll be honest and say that I could have better prepared myself for them, but so far, so good. I'm taking two housing studies courses and two architecture courses this semester, so a typical 'project' usually entails a good bit of research and learning followed by a poster presentation in front of the class. I'm pretty confident in saying that I've become quite the pro at poster design after a few years in the College of Design.

Poster 2.jpgCapture.jpg

I was lucky enough to have my good friend Lauren in my Architecture and Ecology class this semester, and finally finished up our final group project last night just in time to present to the class this morning. Above is one of the posters we made, along with a picture taken right after the final poster was made (I would describe us as a mixture of happy, relieved, and very tired). One project down, two more to go until I allow myself to start getting excited for summer break!