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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Timely Uses for Dated Tech

I always think our typography studio can be one of the toughest sells during our tours in McNeal Hall, but truthfully, it's one of those resources that makes our program unlike any other graphic design program.

One of the most important things I tell people about our typography studio is that it gives designers a physical appreciation for the specifications we feed into InDesign. Without this studio, Twentieth Century Extra Bold Condensed 24pt. with 30pt. leading doesn't mean very much. In the typography studio, though, you get to work with the font with your hands and see it with your eyes. We gain spatial awareness skills that help us make educated decisions about typography in the digital environment.

type1.jpg type2.jpg type3.jpg

type4.jpg type5.jpg

(clockwise from top left): Locking in our wood block typographic design with "furniture." Huge pieces of metal, wood, and slivers of copper to keep anything from moving. Coleman checks out the decorative border drawer. Thank you cards drying on the racks. The group inking their design. Experinmental prints for the Minnesota Fringe Festival!

This week in Advanced Typography, we were given the option to produce a calendar for 2013 or custom postcards. Our class unanimously decided to make postcards. The class has a lot of diverse themes, including thank you cards and making images with type alone (fish, for example). My group chose to create postcards for obscure holidays, like "No Socks Day," "Grouch Day," "Blame Someone Else Day," and "I Am in Control Day." We're very excited about this project. It involves a wood block type design that will be printed on our Washington press so that we can hand-ink the letters. After that process, we plan to print the names of the holidays over the wood block designs along with the date on our Vandercook press. This machine self inks so that every impression is perfect.

I'll share results as soon as I can. Until next time!

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