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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Things You Become Nostalgic for

It's been a little hard walking past Northrop Auditorium every day these days. My freshman year, I spent every day either in the lobby, in the basement, or on the stage of that beautiful building preparing for halftime performances in marching band. This week, they're working on jackhammering the brick walls and foundation out. I have no idea why. It better be for some kind of expansion.

Northrop getting all torn up as of Tuesday. It's worse today.

As much as the new bus routes through campus are pretty convenient for me, I also miss walking over Washington Avenue on the footbridges and actually hearing cars go by. Someday, much of this sound will be back, with Washington Avenue being devoted to buses, bikes, trains, and people exclusively; right now, though, it's just leaving a craving for the hustle and bustle our urban campus deserves.


That doesn't go there...

Today at work, I was of course hungry and thinking about food. It's amazing how my diet has varied over these last four years. I've been to dinner at the residence halls with friends a few times this year, and I must say, there's some seriously gourmet food going on these days! Of course, I'm just hungry, so I'm fantasizing about all of the possible food I could eat. At the moment, I'm considering making a Facebook event inviting my friends to all get Chick-Fil-A at Coffman one more time before Commencement.

Until next week,

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